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Name: Massimo Squillace <contact>
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Age: 67
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Send e-mail messages via SMTP
This class can be used to send e-mail messages via SMTP.

It can connect to a given SMTP server and send an e-mail message with given headers and body data.

A separate script provides a replacement for the mail() and ezmlm_hash() functions that uses this class to send messages when the PHP mail() function is not available.

This class reuses several methods from the Nomad MIME Mail class originally written by Alejandro García González, and is therefore LGPL licensed.

PS: All my Apache configurations include the statement

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .inc

thus making sure files ending in .inc are treated like PHP sources, moreover all .php and .inc files are readable only by the Apache user.

Should this NOT be your case, I recommend you rename .inc to .inc.php, and advice your Web server admin to make all .php files readable by just the Apache user.
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