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Wireless and Mobile

Wireless communications, handheld and pocket computing.

Top 3 best rated classes of Wireless and Mobile group

Rank Class Author Rating
48 Simple Push
Send email messages or to Android and iOS devices
Duong Huynh Nghia 78.75%
149 PHP Mobile Web Apps Generator
Generate HTML pages for mobile devices with jQuery
Yasir Siddiqui 75.00%
314 PHP dotGo Engine
Interact with SMS messages sent to your site
Dave Smith 71.67%

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  Files folder image WAP Redirect  
Author: Rajesh Bhatia <e-mail contact>
Redirect mobile phone users
Not enough user ratings

  Files folder image Wapple Architect Mobilization  
PHP Programming Innovation award winner
July 2009

Prize: One book of choice by Apress
Author: Rich Gubby <e-mail contact>
Create pages adapted to all mobile devices
RatingsUtility Consistency Documentation Examples Tests Videos Overall Rank
All time: 100% 91% - 100% - - 69% 476
Month: Not yet rated by the users

  Files folder image WURFL PHP Library  
Author: Andrea Trasatti <e-mail contact>
Get mobile device capabilities from WURFL files
Not enough user ratings

  Files folder image YII2 notymo  
Author: Edgar Asatryan <e-mail contact>
Send iOS and Android push notifications
Not enough user ratings

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