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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: eMapper
Database abstraction layer that maps data types
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Last change: Updated: Docs and changelog.
Date: 6 years ago
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2014-08-28 - Version 3.2.0

  Added: Associations.
  Removed: IndexGet and IndexExists macros.

2014-07-30 - Version 3.1.0

  Added: Entity Managers and Entity Namespaces (ORM).
  Modified: Annotation syntax. Now eMapper depends on emapper/annotations, a slightly modified version of minime/annotations. 
  Modified: Dynamic SQL syntax delimiters.

2014-04-02 - Version 3.0.0
  Fixed: Mapping to objects using PostgreSQLDriver.
  Fixed: Boolean values in PostgreSQL not being converted correctly.
  Fixed: Columns of type 'date' and 'timestamp' not using the correct type handler.
  Modified: Annotations are now declared using the namespace 'map' (map.type, map.query, etc).
  Modified: Class ResultInterface renamed to ResultIterator.
  Added: Support for custom configuration annotations (map.option).
  Added: Appendix III - Annotations.
  Deprecated: @setter and @getter annotations.

2014-03-26 - Version 3.0.0 (beta)

  Added: Database drivers classes
  Added: Mapper class
  Deprecated: MySQLMapper, SQLiteMapper and PostgreSQLMapper classes (use Mapper instead) 
  Modified: Array type stored within the ArrayType class
  Modified: MapperException renamed to DatabaseException

2014-03-01 - Version 3.0.0 (alpha)

  Added: Support for SQLite and PostgreSQL
  Deprecated: Models are now replaced for ResultMaps and Entities
  Added: Entity classes allow to obtain customized objects through annotations
  Added: Support for dynamic SQL clauses through eMacros
  Added: Dynamic attributes
  Added: Grouping
  Added: Index (and group) callbacks
  Fixed: Lots of bugs from previous version

2013-10-12 - Version 2.3.0

  Modified: Method 'filter' in Configuration class renamed to 'discard'.
  Added: Dynamic SQL expression allows to define a default value when no callback is defined. Value is sent to the defined callback as a second parameter.
  Added: A 'filter' callback has been added to mapper configuration through the 'filter' method. Provides the same functionality as 'array_filter'. 
  Added: ResultIterator interface. This interface allows the use of the 'each' method in Models.
  Added: ResultFilter interface. This interface allows the use of the 'filter' method in Models.
  Added: Dynamic interface. This interface allows the use of dynamic sql callbacks within a Model.
  Added: Method 'addNamespace' in MySQLMapperClass. This method allows to declare custom namespaces and add them to a mapper instance.
  Added: Model class now defines a default constructor.
  Added: Magic method __isset in Model class.
  Added: Method __instance in Model class allows to override the logic to generate a new instance of a given class.
  Fixed: Indexing by a Model field.

2013-10-02 - Version 2.2.1

  Fixed: column_types override in MySQLArrayTypeMapper.

2013-10-01 - Version 2.2.0

  Added: Model types. A model type determines if default fields are added to the mapped result.
  Added: 'Strict Mode' in Models.
  Added: Support for the 'setter' property in model fields. This property defines if a value is initialized through a method invocation.
  Added: Dynamic SQL. Mappers can now invoke a user-defined callback to inject a custom string into a query. Custom callbacks are defined through the 'dynamic' method.
  Added: Method 'escape' in MySQLMapper class.
  Modified: Inline expressions can now specify a subindex and a range (%{0[3]:int}, #{user[name]:str}, #{list[1..3]:i}, etc.). Indexes are only compatible with array and string types.
  Modified: Inline expression parameter counter now starts from zero. The expression %{1} refers to the query second argument.
  Modified: An exception is thrown if a model field references an non existent column (only on strict mode).
  Removed: Type hinting in Model class methods.
  Fixed: Failed association when setting a class model though its alias.
  Added: Appendix 'Extra Features'.

2013-09-13 - Version 2.1.0

  Added: New type handler -> UndescapedStringTypeHandler class.

2013-09-03 - Version 2.0.2

  Fixed: Wrong check for valid result before invoking an 'each' callback.

2013-08-30 - Version 2.0.1

  Fixed: Wrong check for active connections in connect method in MySQLMapper class.

2013-08-16 - Version 2.0.0

Changes introduced since version 1.1.3

    Library is now distributed using the PSR-0 conventions through Packagist.
    Unit tests have been implemented and added to the main branch.
    It is now possible to define class aliases for shorter mapping expressions through the setClassAlias method.
    Deprecated: Key cache.type.
    Added: Method setProvider. This methods assigns a cache provider to a mapper. Cache providers are stored using the cache.provider key.
    Modified: Method cache now receives only 2 parameters: key and ttl.
    Deprecated: Key throws. Number of exception have been reduced.
    Deprecated: throwable and throws methods.
    Modified: Method each now supports Closures.
    Modified: addModel renamed to setClassModel.
    Added: Key callback.no_rows added. This key stores a Closure that is called if the executed query returns an empty result. Configurable through no_rows. Callback can return a default value.
    Added: Key callback.result. This key stores a Closure which receives the obtained result. Configurable through result_callback.
    Added: Key callback.query. This key stores a Closure which receives the generated query, which can override by returning a value. Configurable through method query_callback.
    Types are now case-sensitive.
    Deprecated: Type datetime is now an alias of DateTime.
    Modified: Method addType. This method now receives the type class and also supports an additional alias parameter.
    Statement and namespaces creation has been modified to use a different and more friendly syntax.
    Statement configuration is generated through the Statement::map(map_type) and Statement::config() methods.
    Cache classes donĀ“t depend strictly on mapper object configuration.
    Deprecated: Method __configure.
    More examples, less text.
    Deprecated: CodeIgniter installation guide.
    Updated: Appendix I - Configuration keys.

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