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can you help how to attament a pdf file attachment: pdf file attachment

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can you help how to attament a pdf file attachment


by maria helena hernandez lopez - 1 year ago (2017-11-21)

pdf file attachment

This request is clear and relevant.
This request is not clear or is not relevant.


I have using your class $smtp=new smtp_class;

How can i send a attament pdf file with this library.

thank you for your valuable help

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  • 1. by zinsou A.A.E.Mo´se - 1 year ago (2017-11-22) Reply

    Hi. I think you will get an answer faster if you use the forum rubric of this package.All you have to do is to open the package page and find the support forum link .This way the author will receive a notification and you will get a custom answer with no delay.The recommandation rubric is mainly for suggestion about what package must be used for a given purpose and you have already found your package...

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