Grab email, contact number from anonymous Web site visitor: Anonymous visitor identification using PHP

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Grab email, contact number from anonymous Web site visitor

A request is featured when there is no good recommended package on the site when it is posted. Edit

by vaibhav shukla - 8 days ago (2020-06-30)

Anonymous visitor identification using PHP

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When anonymous user visits our website but do not sign up or login, we can get its ip address and other subsequent details using the IP address.

But we are not able to find its email or contact number from IP address.

Also the IP address may or may not point always to the potential visitor.

In this case, we can't find 100% accurate visitors but able to find potential matches and their email, contact number to convert them into leads.

How can we trace contact info about anonymous Web site visitors using PHP with maximum accuracy?

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  • 2. by Hassane Moussa - 7 days ago (2020-07-01) Reply

    You are rigth Mr Lemos. I don't see any solution that your proposal.Thanks. Hi shukla, your response please !

    • 1. by Manuel Lemos - 8 days ago (2020-07-01) Reply

      As far as I know, there is no way to get the email address or phone number of a user without his permission.

      What you can do is to put a form in a page and ask that information explicitly. There are even form input parameters to tell the browser to pre-fill those form inputs if the user wants to provide that information to your site.

      Other than that, you can use social login which are buttons that you can have on your site to let the users authorize to provide the email address for instance their Google of Facebook accounts, but that only happens if the user permits your site to get that personal information.

      In any case you need to motivate the user to give you their contacts.

      One way to motivate the users to give their email for instance is to provide a reward to be sent to their email.

      For instance, for packages that require the user to be logged to download, the PHP Classes requires that the users register with their email address. Newsletters may be sent to their email addresses regularly.

      So having access to the packages code to be viewed or downloaded, or getting newsletters with updated content on the site, are rewards that the users get for being subscribers.

      Anyway would you like to learn any of these possibilities:

      1. How to setup a form that can make a browser pre-fill the form inputs with the user phone number or email address?
      2. How to have a button that will ask the user permission to get you their email address from Google or Facebook accounts?

      Just reply here to let me know if either option 1 or 2 are interesting to you.

      • 3. by vaibhav shukla - 7 days ago (2020-07-01) in reply to comment 1 by Manuel Lemos Comment

        Hi Manuel.Thank you for ur response.I would like to check both options (Option 1 and 2).

      • 4. by Manuel Lemos - 7 days ago (2020-07-01) in reply to comment 3 by vaibhav shukla Comment


        I just recommended a solution for problem 2. Can you please post another recommendation request that is more specific to the problem 1 by going here?

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    PHP OAuth Library: Authorize and access APIs using OAuth

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    by Manuel Lemos package author package author Reputation 19350 - 7 days ago (2020-07-01) Comment

    This package can be used to have a login button for one or more account providers like Google and Facebook. They allow you to get the user email if the user authorizes you to get it.

    Take a look at the login_check_with_facebook.php for an example of how to implement that with Facebook.

    For Google you can implement a similar example or just use this other example that redirects the user immediately to the authorization page and gets the user details from his Google account:

    There are example scripts for implementing a similar approach with other account providers via the OAuth protocol.

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    For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.