Recommendation for a PHP class to send sms message: Send SMS with PHP

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Recommendation for a PHP class to send sms message


Picture of Ankur Veera by Ankur Veera - 1 month ago (2020-07-05)

Send SMS with PHP


I wants to send a SMS with PHP itself with the POST method so I need help.

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  • 3. Picture of Hassane Moussa by Hassane Moussa - 1 month ago (2020-07-06) Reply

    Hi Veera, You need send sms with PHP using GSM MODEM ?let me know your need or explain again.

    • 2. Picture of Edward Paul by Edward Paul - 1 month ago (2020-07-06) Reply

      Can you make a better clarification, so your request can be understood claerly

      • 1. Picture of Manuel Lemos by Manuel Lemos - 1 month ago (2020-07-06) Reply

        Hello Ankur, do you mean having PHP to send SMS messages to each company carrier directly or may be using an API to send the messages and then the API company would send the messages to the respective phone company of the recipient of the message?

        Ask clarification

        1 Recommendation

        ClickATell SMS Gateway API: Send SMS messages using ClickATell


        Picture of Raphael Paez by Raphael Paez 60 - 1 month ago (2020-07-06) Comment

        This packeg doesn't answer you

        Recommend package
        For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.