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MSAccess data to MySQL: Fetch MSAccess data and store into MySQL

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MSAccess data to MySQL


by Reema Patel - 3 years ago (2015-09-01)

Fetch MSAccess data and store into MySQL

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I need code for fetch MSAccess data and store into database MySQL directly with one click.

Ask clarification

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Metabase: PHP Database abstraction layer RDBMS independent

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by Manuel Lemos package author package author Reputation 17585 - 3 years ago (2015-09-02) Comment

The only way I know to access Microsoft Access databases is using ODBC drivers.

The Metabase package can connect to a MS Access database using the odbc-msaccess driver.

It can also connect to MySQL databases. So it is a matter of creating two connections and query one database and insert the data in another database.

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  • 1. by Reema Patel - 3 years ago (2015-09-03) Reply

    ok thankss

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