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What is the best PHP email track opens class?: Track emails sent

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What is the best PHP email track opens class?


by Daniel Herrera - 1 year ago (2016-10-03)

Track emails sent

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I have to design a newsletter but I need to know the status of the email sent.

I need to know if the email has been received, opened or rejected. Is there a package that allow me know this?

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Web Tracker: Track site user accesses with a MySQL database

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by Manuel Lemos Reputation 17520 - 1 year ago (2016-10-05) Comment

This class can track the email opens using a URL for a beacon image.

If a message was not rejected, you can count it as received. As for rejected, you need to set the message return path to a specific email address. Then you can poll the email address mailbox for instance using a POP3 component and process the bounced message.

Here is an article that explains how you can deal with incoming email messages in PHP like bounces.

  • 1. by Daniel Herrera - 1 year ago (2016-10-05) Reply

    Thanks for the help, i'm checking the process before start coding, i also need to choose a class that allow me send email with embedded image and ccs. i've been reading the blog about it, but i need to use one corporative e-mail account, wich works on Exchange Server. do i need an specific class? or can i use any and authenticate and connect with the server using another class?

  • 2. by Manuel Lemos - 1 year ago (2016-10-05) in reply to comment 1 by Daniel Herrera Reply

    For Microsoft Exchange I think you can either use SMTP, an API or drop messages in the pickup folder (which is probably the fastest method).

    You can use this email message package that comes with sub-classes for different delivery methods, including SMTP and Exchange pickup folder.

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