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Photo Voting System A request is featured when there is no good recommended package on the site when it is posted. 0

by Álvaro Hernando Gavilán - 5 years ago (2014-11-19) voting

I need a photo voting system to organize a photo contest

Handle payment on a local server A request is featured when there is no good recommended package on the site when it is posted. 0

by Adamu T Salihu - 5 years ago (2014-11-19) payment gateway

Modify a local payment gateway to interface with other apps

mac address 1

by Alankar Jadhav - 5 years ago (2014-11-18) mac address

Need to get mac address from login machine

Extract files from zip file 1

by Darren Hiles - 5 years ago (2014-11-18) unzip

I need to extract the files contained within a bespoke zip file

PHP JSON RESTful Web service example 2

by olamiji Akeem - 5 years ago (2014-11-18) restful api

RESTful Web service that returns data in json

Implement image CAPTCHA validation 1

by Kevin Stevens - 5 years ago (2014-11-18) captcha

a class to implement image captcha via an Ajax request

Playlist player like the Soundcloud site 1

by Ptr Pointer - 5 years ago (2014-11-15) playlist

Play audio randomly from a playlist

What is the best PHP serial connection class? 1

by Mohamed Mokbel - 5 years ago (2014-11-14) serial

Create serial connection

Code for sign up authentication via SMS 1

by Ramanujam M - 5 years ago (2014-11-13) sms authentication

user login authentication using sms

What is the best PHP calendar class? 1

by Juma Ochola - 5 years ago (2014-11-13) calendar

I want a calendar on which I can mark and save the marked dates

Class to convert HTML into objects. 1

by Everton da Rosa - 5 years ago (2014-11-12) html dom

Class to convert HTML into objects, XML DOM style.

What is the best PHP AJAX file upload class? 3

by Joshua Njovu - 5 years ago (2014-11-12) ajax file upload

I want to upload files using AJAX

Need to run multithreaded scripts in PHP 1

by viswa reddy - 5 years ago (2014-11-12) multithread

Multithreaded scripts on Windows

What is the best PHP mysqli class? 2

by Geoff C - 5 years ago (2014-11-11) mysqli

recommend a mysqli class

Import mailing list design 1

by Hartmut Rothgänger - 5 years ago (2014-11-11) mailing

Import different formatted Excel list, personalize each mail

import data from .xls and .xlsx file to database using PHP 1

by Smart Music Store - 5 years ago (2014-11-11) xls file import to db

SimpleXLSX class but this class can not import .xls file

Connect to informix database 1

by acad richard - 5 years ago (2014-11-11) informix

Need to connect and retrieve data from informix database

Drupal 7 project print 1

by Dennis Cullen - 5 years ago (2014-11-11) epub

Looking for ePub package

SMPP client application 1

by Amavi d'almeida - 5 years ago (2014-11-10) smpp

I want to write smpp client application to send sms to phone

Extract XML as an object 1

by Jedi Bratzilla - 5 years ago (2014-11-08) xml

I need to parse XML as an object