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1. PHP Mail Alternative Setting PHP SMTP Server to Use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo

Blog: MIME E-mail message sending package blog
Package: MIME E-mail message sending

Sometimes it is not possible or it is inconvenient to send e-mail with scripts using the regular PHP mail() function.

An alternative solution consists in using your ISP or a third party SMTP server to relay your messages.

This article explains how to send e-mail with PHP relaying your messages to SMTP servers of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.

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92. Running PHP on Google App Engine

This is a small article to tell about an experience that a PHP developer carried to successfully run a PHP application on Google App Engine.

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91. Avoid being blacklisted for spam you did not send

If you ever tried to send e-mail messages that never seem to reach the destination, don't blame PHP limited built-in mail capabilities!

You may be victim of having your mail server blacklisted for SPAM that you never sent.

This article explains a situation that may cause innocent mail servers to be blacklisted very easily.

Other short news mention a PHP IDE survey, how to follow the latest package blog posts by RSS or on Twitter, and an upcoming update of the site privacy policy.

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90. Blogs for class packages

The PHPClasses site is launching a new feature that allows authors to publish interesting articles about their classes in specific blogs that are being made available for each class.

The site main blog is also open to every user for submissions of articles of general interest to the PHPClasses site users.

Compensation will be made available to top contributors.

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89. Quickly importing data from CSV file into PHP applications

In this article you may learn how to quickly import data from CSV files into your application with help of PHP.

It also covers a tool that provides a Web based user interface for importing CSV data into a MySQL database table with support for mapping CSV columns into arbitrary MySQL database table columns.

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88. Automating Backup Tasks Remotely with PHP and PECL SSH2 extension

This article teaches how to setup automated backup PHP scripts using the PECL SSH2 extension to copy files to a remote server.

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87. 10 steps to migrate Web site servers with the least of problems

Sometimes you need to migrate a site between two servers. This article provides advice about which steps a server migration procedure should follow to prevent the problems that may happen.

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86. 2008 balance and 2009 plans

This post gives a brief summary of the most important features implemented in the PHPClasses site in 2008.

It also presents several features that are planned to be implemented in 2009 and asks for your feedback about which features you would like to see implemented first.

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85. What is Microsoft up to with PHP?

Microsoft has been participating in several initiatives that benefit PHP. This post talks about such initiatives.

It includes an interview with an Microsoft Open Source Labs leader, and a review of a what happened at summit that Microsoft organized in their headquarters in Redmond with several influential PHP community people.

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84. Ask difficult questions to PHP specialists

The PHPClasses site provides dedicated forums that now allow any PHP developers to post questions about difficult problems that he is having. These forums are frequented by skilled PHP developers that are willing to help by providing good solutions or suggestions to solve those problems.

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